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The well-bred Havanese possesses many of the characteristics of larger breeds of dogs, packaged neatly into a small, sturdy frame.

They have a loving and gentle temperament, with a curious and somewhat mischievous nature. They are natural-born entertainers and are quick to get your attention when they want to run or play. Their attention-getting antics can't help but make you smile.

They have a soft, silky, non-shedding coat when it is allowed to grow long, though most family pets are kept trimmed for ease of grooming. This beautiful coat can come in a rainbow of colours; that is one of the features that make this breed unique, but it seldom stays the exact colour that the dog was born with. As the puppy's coat transitions into adulthood, the colour is usually diluted with the presence of a soft undercoat. The genetic colour of the dog does not change - just the way we see it.

The following is a list approved by the American Kennel Club:

• Fawn sable

• Gold

• Gold brindle

• Gold sable

• Red

• Red brindle

• Silver

• Silver brindle

• Silver sable

• White

• Black

• Black and silver

• Black and silver brindle

• Black and tan brindle

• Black brindle

• Blue

• Chocolate

• Chocolate brindle

• Chocolate sable

• Cream

Havanese have a happy-go-lucky nature and bond very closely to their family members; with proper socialization they do well with all who visit. They make an exceptional companion for both families and retirees, as they travel well and adapt to many different environments. They are not known to be yappy (but, if not trained, can bark along with the best of them). They are alert and will warn of intruders and guard their family.