I bought my first Havanese in 2003 and showed her to her CKC championship. After only one breeding she was retired, as the puppies were born by C-section and I decided not to put her through that again. She continues to live with us as our mascot and valued family companion. One of her boys was also in the show ring, and quickly received his CKC championship. He is now also retired and lives close by. I purchased Lily from an American breeder to breed with my male. They produced truly beautiful puppies who all live with families both here in Canada and in the United States. In 2011, after careful research, I was able to find an American male with an extra-silky coat.
​I had wanted to try and get an even silkier coat that would make their already luxurious coats easier to manage. After a very successful breeding that produced 4 puppies, I kept 2 females for my breeding program, and will have puppies for sale later this year and early next year. I also kept a male, who lives with a family in Parksville, and is available for stud purposes.

These dogs are very happy, well-adjusted, self-confident, multi-coloured, silky-coated, non-shedding, companion dogs for both the retired and for families. They love children, are easily trained, smart, have very pretty faces, are habit forming (one often leads to getting a second), playful, loyal to their families, have excellent hearing and sense of smell. They have excelled in the show rings as well as obedience and all forms of rallies.

A wonderful addition to the Havadahl lineup of exceptional dames was Havanasilk Chocolate Covered Diamond (aka Crystal). She comes to us from sunny California from a "breeder of Merit", producing the finest true chocolate Havanese dogs in North America. Crystal has already produced a litter of absolutely beautiful chocolate pups.

​The only male in the litter has managed four Group 1st and one Best Baby Puppy in Show, in his first 2 shows. Watch for his name to show up as one of the Best in Breed: Havadahl Hershey Kiss (aka Smooch).

This is Crystal in her play clothes

This is female Havadahl Jelly Bean

This is Havadahl Luscious Lola.
​She is our smallest girl.

Havadahl Kennels

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While Promoting the Havanese Dog Breed

Smooch (aka Hershey Kiss) has completed his Grand Championship.

​Deb and the Crew!

​This is Havadahl Taffy

All pedigrees are available upon request. Please contact us if you have any questions:

Deborah Dahl, Havadahl Kennels ... Phone: 250.652.6310 ... Cell: 250.360.6324
Email: ddahlhouse@aol.com

Havadahl Hershey Kiss - aka Smooch.
​4 Group 1st and 1 Best Baby Puppy in Show. An amazing accomplishment for a 4-month-old.

This is Salida del Sol Jazz Havadahl at her first dog show!

Dahly is our newest Champion.

Hi, I'm Deb and I own Havadahl Kennels. My goal is to breed to the AKC and CKC standards, producing healthy, happy-go-lucky, well-adjusted and good-tempered puppies. My dogs are both AKC and CKC registered, for easy registration in either country. Here are the four dogs that I am currently breeding, and a little about us:

CKC Champion Hershey Kiss (aka Smooch).
New Champion!

Havadahl Kennels has four female Havanese dogs in their breeding program, which are described and pictured below. All of our dogs / puppies are registered with both AKC and CKC for easy registration in both Canada and the USA. Please note: Females are only bred every second season!