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Havanese Puppies for sale

Our dogs are: happy, well adjusted, self confident, multi colored, silky coated, and non shedding. Havanese make great companions for the retired and are a perfect choice for families! They love children, are easily trained, and very intelligent. Havanese are a truly pretty dog with a sweet face and are probably habit forming (one often leads to getting a second). Add playful and loyal to the long list of attributes.

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Havadahl Kennel Havanese Puppies for sale

Our two February litters are all sold.
See the Havanese Puppy page!
We are taking names for future litters.

Havadahl Kennel Havanese Puppies

Lily has now entered retirement and lives in a fancy condo in Vancouver, close to a park, with a family who adores her.
Lucky Lily!

Havadahl Kennel has four female Havanese dogs in their breeding program ... one a tri-colour (white sable and black), one Cuban brown (black and chocolate), one blue (silver with black tips), and one black and silver. They produce a rainbow of colors in their offspring. Havadahl Kennel produces healthy, happy go lucky, good tempered Havanese puppies. They are all registered with both AKC and CKC for easy registration in both Canada and the USA. All pedigrees are available upon request. Please note: Females are only bred every second year!

The Havadahl line up of exceptional dames' newest addition is Havanasilk Chocolate Covered Diamond (aka Crystal). See the Us and Our Dogs.

Please contact us if you have any questions:
Deborah Dahl, Havadahl Kennels Havanese Breeder
Phone: 250-652-6310     Cell: #250-360-6324
Email: ddahlhouse@aol.com

On the Havanese Information page we have added
a page called "Characteristics of the Breed".

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